Welcome to EYFS 2.
Our teacher is Miss Sayers.
Our teaching assistants are Miss McLean and Miss Smith.  
We hope you have had a lovely Easter and the children are ready for their final term in F2. 
During the Summer Term, we expect the children to be able to get changed for PE and dressed back into their uniform, it's great that a lot of children can already do this independently!
In their writing children will be encouraged to become more independent and be willing to have a go!
This term we will be learning about farm and zoo animals to prepare the children for our trip to Chester Zoo. We are getting chick's from Tam O Shanter Farm, we are very excited to watch them hatch and observe how they grow. 
We are developing our music area outdoors, so if you have any old pots or pans and any kitchen utensils  we would be really grateful if you could pass them in. 
Miss Sayers 
May saw the hatching of three baby chicks! We received an incubator from the farm and a couple of weeks later, and with lots of tender care, three eggs hatched. When the chicks are three weeks we will return them to live on the farm.