Welcome to EYFS 2.
Our teacher is Mrs McMahon
Our teaching assistants are Miss McLean and Miss Smith.  
Welcome back to Summer term!
This term children we be exploring the story 'What the Ladybird Heard' to develop their use of story language and applying to their own writing. Children will be creating alternate endings and their own versions of the story. They will be developing their problem solving and reasoning skills in mathematics working with numbers to 20 and working out addition and subtraction problems.  They will be continuing to develop their blending and segmenting skills through Phase 3 phonics and beginning to apply it to their reading and writing. Children will continue to develop their independence resilience an confidence, demonstrating a 'can do' attitude' to their learning. 
We will continue to focus on speaking and listening skills but also on children applying their phonics and mathematics skills independently in the provision. Games and the developing outdoor provision will provide exciting opportunities for the children to learn, imagine, challenge and learn creatively.
Mrs McMahon 
This term children will learning Phase 2 and phase 3 phonics sounds. 
Each week your child will receive flashcards to support your child at home. 
Below are the jolly phonics songs in order. We use these songs in class to support your child to learn the new sounds.
Some useful websites
Phonics Play
Oxford Owl