Five Principles of Assessment

At Portland Primary assessment is at the heart of learning and teaching. It incorporates a range of methods to evaluate, measure, record and support the progress of our children. Our assessments are based on the following principles.
Five Principles of Assessment
  • Assessment puts the child at the centre of their learning Assessment is consistent and accurate, achieved through regular moderation both internally and externally, working with other schools within our cluster, against national expectations.
  • Assessment is honest, fair, consistent and compares results to both local and national standards.
  • Daily assessment is at the heart of excellent teaching, which leads to effective learning which maximises individual progress.
  • Assessment provides meaningful feedback which recognises effort and suggests next steps towards deep and meaningful learning. It will inspire greater effort and belief that through hard work and practice more can be achieved.
  • Assessment is focused on outcomes for children within and beyond the school day in partnership with parents and carers.