Come and join Rounders Club,

Every Tuesday 3.20- 4.15 Skills and matches

Mrs Allen & Mrs Irving

Rules for Rounders Teams • Each mixed team has nine players with two reserves allowed. • Mixed gender ratio is 4/5 with any substitute being the same gender as the player leaving the field. Play • The batter must have one hand only on bat. • The batter should have both feet in the square when hitting the ball (be flexible with this, especially with younger children). • The ball must be over knee height and under shoulder height when it reaches the batter. • A NO BALL is - Too high or low - Is on the wrong side of the batter or wide. - Would hit the body of the batter - Hits the ground on the way to the batter. • The batter has only one good ball bowled and must run whether they hit it or not. • If the ball is hit behind the line the batter must stop at first base until the ball returns to the forward area. • All runners must stop when the bowler has the ball. Out! A batter is out when - • The ball is caught • They run inside the post deliberately • They drop the bat deliberately • They overtake the batter in front • The post that the batter is running to is touched with the ball in the fielder's hand Note - A batter is not out if they are between posts when the ball is returned to the bowler or if they leave a base and decide to return to it. SCORING - BOTH TEAMS START WITH 10 ROUNDERS Rounders can be added by • Hitting the ball and getting to 4th base = 1 rounder • Hitting the ball and getting to 2nd base = half rounder • Missing the ball and getting to 4th base = half rounder • If the bowler bowls 3 consecutive No Balls = half rounder NOTE If player misses the ball and gets to 2nd or 3rd base nothing is scored. If a player is out then that player rejoins the team and one rounder is deducted from the team total. This way all the children are involved for the whole game. A possible score card could look like this; Team Rounders Scored Rounders Deducted Net Score