We are an Anti-bullying Super School

What a busy week your children have been having. We began the week with a Welcome assembly led by Y5, Y6, Y2 and staff members. Y5 and Y6 School Council members told the school all about their fabulous Anti-bullying Conference that they went to and discussed the idea of becoming Bully Busters in school. Some children in Y5 acted out a play about a boy being bullied and how the person who bullied the boy was actually jealous of his talents. Year 2 sang a super song with actions all about being SPECIAL. The teachers were also part of the assembly and showed us posters of the ingredients that you need to be a good friend.
Later on in the morning the Fire-fighters came for a visit to Foundation Stage and KS1. They had great fun squirting water out of the hose and also sitting inside the fire engine.
That afternoon, Hollie and Eve, from St James's Church, carried out workshops with KS2 in the hall. They were thinking about ways to be a good friend and they made a wristband with a kind word on it.
On Tuesday, the whole school came dressed in blue because this is the colour to show support against bullying. 
On Wednesday we had a lovely assembly with Hollie and Mr Mansfield about how to use words in a kind way. Straight after that, the whole school went outside and let off their class balloons with their anti-bullying slogan attached to it. This is to let everyone know in our world that we support anti-bullying at all times in our school.
Another exciting group of people came to visit us; the police-men. They came in the big van which has mini jails in the back. All children had a chance to be locked-up!! We also listened to a talk about what the police do to tackle bullying.