Autumn Term 2018

Welcome back, we hope you have had a great holiday.

This is the important term in Year 2 as the children settle back into school life and get used to their new class and teachers. We hope they have a really successful Y2 as at the end of this year they take the national SATs tests. 

Reading is  very important as one of the criteria for passing the SAT is that your child reads the text we send home at a speed of 90 words per minute. You can help your child achieve this with regular reading of the books we send home and other books from the library . Parents are welcome to come in and read with their child in class. If you would like to do this please come and see Mrs Gooding.

In year 2, homework is given out once a week This is given out on Friday in line with the rest of KS1 and we will expect it back by Thursday of the following week but your child can bring it in sooner of they have completed it. Your child may, at times, be given additional research homework relating to a topic we are learning about. We do encourage children to research topics they are interested in at home and bring their work into school. This helps to develop independence which is a vital part of the new curriculum.

Homework will be English and Maths and of course, weekly spellings. These may sometimes be repeated spellings that the children have been given before. This is because we need to ensure that they can spell certain words before they reach the expected standard for the end of KS1. We may also ask that the children put the spellings into sentences to see if they understand the word. 

For all children it is very important that this homework is completed. It is especially important for those children who have spellings are linked to the phonics work that we do in class and  who will retake the phonics screening test in the middle of June 2019.

Spelling Tests will be on a Thursday. We will also start to do times tables checks to see that the children are learning their times tables. These will not be done each week but we would ask that you regularly review the times table sheet sent home with your child's homework in the Autumn term. If your child does not have one in their current homework book please ask and we will ensure that they have a copy of the 2,5 and 10 x tables. 

We must all work very hard and be on our best behaviour at all times . 

PE will be on a Monday and as all children  receive a PE kit from school we expect them to have this for each lesson. The kits are usually kept in school. 

We hope that this term will be a really successful one. This term will culminate in our KS1 Christmas Play and we also have Halloween and Bonfire Night to look forward to so it will be busy.

We can't wait to meet you all.

Love Mrs Gooding and Mrs Irving

On the 11th November Key Stage 1 came together for 2 minutes silence to Remember those people who died in the war as well as those who are still fighting for peace. Look at our video -  this poem is beautiful.